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Pheasant season 2009!!!!

OHMYGOSH! Today was the first day of pheasant season. I pulvarized those friggers!! All together, we got 5 of those darn things....

And I got Al a Woodcock too! It was his first...won't be his last though, if I can help it!

Is that a chickadee?

It was a long day, but I am some glad I got all those pheasants!! I LOV HUNTING!!!

I can't wait to go again!!
muppy, rufus, nose

In our own back yard.

I'm appalled.

Yesterday we realized that there were partridge's (Ruffed Grouse) living IN OUR OWN BACK YARD!!!

So like a good exterminating mup, I led daddy into the woods so we could fix the problem.

I did good!
muppy, rufus, nose


Guys! Today is the best day in the world. It's my birfday! I am one years old today. I'm still a puppy though...I don't care what anyone says.

My Mummy made me the most awesome birfday cake ever!

She knows I love liver treats, so she made my cake out of REAL liver...and REAL mashed potatos and cheese treats and cookies!!! I am so lucky. It was SO delicious!!!!!

After I ate my cake, Mommy and Daddy gave me my presents. I got this awesome toy that has a rope, and a ball AND treats inside. OHMYGOSH!

And I got a nommie stick too. It was SO tasty! I am so happy. I had such a wonderful day.

You know what the best part was tho? I didn't even get kicked off the bed today! I was allowed to lay on it alll day loonnnggg!!
I wish my birfday could be every day.....
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A house? For me?

My Mommy and Daddy bought me a house!!!

I am so excited! Today, we went to our new house so they could sign a bunch of papers and do something called a "closing inspection."

I went with Daddy. He knows that I am quite the inspector, so I made sure he didn't miss anything....

We inspected the yard....

"I found a ball!! I love this place already!"

After inspecting outside, we went inside to continue....

"Is this my room??"
I found nothing wrong with the lavatory, so I figured we were good to go sign those papers!

"It's all good here boss!"

My Daddy and Mommy are very happy that they bought me this house. We're all going to sleep here tonight, even though we only have a mattress...No crate for me! yay!

I love my house already! What a lucky mup I am! ZzzZZZzz


muppy, rufus, nose


Today, we went for a walk at my favorite spot-- the old resivoir!! There were lots of other mups there today!! It was SO FUN!!

We all played together and swam around and fetched sticks and fetched balls and chased eachother and ran around and it was SOO MUCH FUN!!!

"Come on! Throw it!!"

I got to practice my swimming skills...I still am not very graceful in the waters!!!

I'm the best at playing keep-away though. No mup can beat me at my taunting skillz...

"Yikes! He can keep that stick!!"


I love playing with other mups...especially in the water. It was so much fun! I hope I get to play with them again some time!